rename rename the free variable.

Library name:

void sollya_lib_name_free_variable(const char *)


rename(ident1,ident2) : void



Example 1:

   > f=sin(x);
   > f;
   > rename(x,y);
   > f;

Example 2:

   > a=1;
   > f=sin(x);
   > rename(x,a);
   > a;
   > f;

Example 3:

   > verbosity=1!;
   > f=sin(x);
   > rename(y, z);
   Warning: the current free variable is named "x" and not "y". Can only rename the free variable.
   The last command will have no effect.
   > rename(_x_, z);
   Information: the free variable has been renamed from "x" to "z".

Example 4:

   > verbosity=1!;
   > rename(x,y);
   Information: the free variable has been named "y".
   > isbound(x);
   > isbound(y);
See also: isbound
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