honorcoeffprec indicates the (forced) honoring the precision of the coefficients in implementpoly


honorcoeffprec : honorcoeffprec


Example 1:

   > verbosity = 1!;
   > q = implementpoly(1 - simplify(TD(1/6)) * x^2,[-1b-10;1b-10],1b-60,DD,"p","implementation.c");
   Warning: at least one of the coefficients of the given polynomial has been rounded in a way
   that the target precision can be achieved at lower cost. Nevertheless, the implemented polynomial
   is different from the given one.
   > printexpansion(q);
   0x3ff0000000000000 + x^2 * 0xbfc5555555555555
   > r = implementpoly(1 - simplify(TD(1/6)) * x^2,[-1b-10;1b-10],1b-60,DD,"p","implementation.c",honorcoeffprec);
   Warning: the infered precision of the 2th coefficient of the polynomial is greater than
   the necessary precision computed for this step. This may make the automatic determination
   of precisions useless.
   > printexpansion(r);
   0x3ff0000000000000 + x^2 * (0xbfc5555555555555 + 0xbc65555555555555 + 0xb905555555555555)
See also: implementpoly, printexpansion, fpminimax
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