roundingwarnings global variable controlling whether or not a warning is displayed when roundings occur.

Library names:

void sollya_lib_set_roundingwarnings_and_print(sollya_obj_t) void sollya_lib_set_roundingwarnings(sollya_obj_t) sollya_obj_t sollya_lib_get_roundingwarnings()


roundingwarnings = activation value : on|off -> void roundingwarnings = activation value ! : on|off -> void roundingwarnings : on|off



Example 1:

   > verbosity=1!;
   > roundingwarnings = on;
   Rounding warning mode has been activated.
   > exp(0.1);
   Warning: Rounding occurred when converting the constant "0.1" to floating-point with 165 bits.
   If safe computation is needed, try to increase the precision.
   Warning: rounding has happened. The value displayed is a faithful rounding to 165 bits of the true result.
   Warning: For at least 1 of the constants displayed in decimal, rounding has happened.
   > roundingwarnings = off;
   Rounding warning mode has been deactivated.
   > exp(0.1);
See also: on, off, verbosity, midpointmode, rationalmode, suppressmessage, unsuppressmessage, showmessagenumbers, getsuppressedmessages